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Service Agent Q&A with Josh Taylor, American Kitchen Machinery and Repair, Philadelphia

Consultant Q&A with Marcin Zmiejko, associate principal of WC&P, Denver

Operations can use convection ovens to prepare many different menu items. By circulating air in the cooking chamber, they can shorten cooking times and produce crisp crusts on baked goods. Here are a few tips to keep convection ovens running smoothly.

Although panini machines are a basic piece of equipment with simple operation, cleaning is still important to keep units operating at peak performance. Heating elements may fail, hinges wear out over time and other components could require service at some point.

Q&A with Marcin Zmiejko, associate principal of WC&P, Denver.

Despite the name, panini machines or grills can be used for heating up more than just the popular hot sandwiches. Commercial-grade units, also known as sandwich presses, are slightly sturdier than the residential-grade types.