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The Moose is Loose…

If you missed the first two installments of our FED Lunch & Learn series, you may want to circle back and catch up by listening to the archived one-hour presentations at FEDThoughtLeadership.com, before the third and final installment on Nov. 9 at 1 p.m. CST. For the investment of your time, what you will gain is valuable insight from a variety of viewpoints on some of the most important issues facing the foodservice industry today.

maureen slocum lgDoes culture really matter? Well, according to our real-world industry leaders … only if you want to retain high-value employees, deliver on your brand promise, and delight your customers. That’s where the “moose” comes into play: It’s one of ways Rudy Miick, CMC, FCSI, founder of The Miick Companies, connects to culture. It can start at a company meeting by asking, “Who’s got a moose?” Think of it as a variation of “the elephant in the room” expression. The faster the moose has a name, the better the odds it stays small and goes away.

Of course, there is a process to dealing with a moose. Rudy and the full lineup of FED Lunch & Learn speakers offer a chance to listen to industry experts. These top-level discussions range from the post-pandemic supply landscape to the meltiness of a grilled cheese sandwich and everything in between.

As a perfect pairing, in fine-dining parlance, you might consider Joe Carbonara’s look at the year ahead. Twists and turns lie ahead as we lurch forward in fits and starts toward a complete recovery from the disruption of the past two years. How long will this recovery take and how different will the world look once the dust settles in 2022? Joe provides some level-headed insight based on years of careful observation.

Once you have digested all that, you may want to join us as we drill down on the changes happening within a specific segment: hotels. Contributing editor Lisa Shames takes a peek with “A New Age in Hotel Dining."

Altogether we hope to provide you with a satisfying offering, with plenty of flavor and lots to chew on in the coming month.

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