• Creative Vegetarian Fare

    Whether for health, sustainability or ethical reasons, the numbers reveal more Americans are shifting to a meatless diet.

  • The Plant-Forward Movement Keeps Blooming

    With health and sustainability at the forefront, plant-forward concepts and offerings continue to blossom.

  • Veg Rising: Plant-Based Foods Take a Seat at the Table

    Once upon a time and not so long ago, hungry vegans had to avoid mainstream restaurants, cobble together meals of sides and salads, and/or feel like pariahs for requesting their orders not only be meat-free but also be prepared without butter, eggs, cream, cheese, meat stock and other animal-derived staples. Relegated to fringe status and misunderstood or simply ignored, they were rare enough to warrant scant attention from chefs and menu developers focused on the meat-eating masses.

  • Vegetarian Restaurants: Rooting In

    Operators find new ways to tweak menu items as plant-based trends take hold.

  • Trend: Plant-Based and Vegan

    It’s that time of year when many people look to improve their diets and health. Chefs, restaurants and foodservice operators often turn to plant-based and even vegan meals and concepts to further that mission and also ease up their impact on the environment.

  • Vegetarian Concepts Are in Full Bloom: fresh&co Case Study

    Consumer interest in healthy, vegetarian restaurant concepts continues to grow. The successful ones use equipment packages that generate maximum yield and flavor profile when working with ingredients that can be costly.