undercounter dishwashers

  • Cleaning and Maintaining Undercounter Dishwashers

    Regularly wipe down external machine surfaces, floor and wall surfaces.“The more typical style of undercounter dishmachine is very similar to a residential unit,” says Tom McBride, technician for General Parts in Houston. “For a bar footprint where space may be limited for both equipment and personnel, this style presents some challenges.”

  • Purchasing Considerations for Undercounter Dishwashers

    Operators should consider the location of the unit. “Will it be under an ADA section of the bar?” asks Emalee Austerman, project coordinator at Camacho Associates, Atlanta. “If so, bar operators will need to make sure it will fit under the counter. Will it be in view of the customer or near customer seating? In this case, they will probably want a low-temp option with a slow start-up to avoid excess steam and noise.”

  • Features and Options for Undercounter Dishwashers

    Components of these units include removable upper and lower rinse arms, pump drains, detergent pumps, built-in temperature boosters for high-temp warewashers and sanitizing pumps on low-temp machines. Insulated doors, low-chemical alerts and delime alarms typically come standard. Some warewashers have digital controls on top that display water temperature and cycle information, while others can automatically extend the rinse cycle to ensure water reaches 180 degrees F.

  • Capacity Considerations for Undercounter Dishmachines

    Most undercounter machines operate on a single two-minute cycle. Operators can also choose from among types with longer cycle times that handle heavy soil loads.

  • Undercounter Dishmachines

    Operators often use undercounter dishmachines in front-of-the-house bar areas to wash mainly glassware and utensils. These units clean between 24 and 40 racks per hour, with fill-and-drain and heat recovery types on the lower end. Higher-end models can feature adjustable cycle times for light-, medium- and heavy-volume applications.

  • Undercounter Warewashers: An Overview

    Undercounter dishwashers are typically geared for smaller operations with low volume. These machines are sized to handle between 21 and 55 racks per hour.

  • How to Know When to Replace Undercounter Warewashers

    Undercounter warewashers are one of the most complicated pieces of equipment in the kitchen and should be treated as such.

  • Undercounter Warewasher Applications

    Undercounter warewashers are geared for small to medium volume applications.

  • Maintaining Undercounter Warewashers

    Water conditions can adversely impact warewashers, necessitating more diligence with maintenance and cleaning. 

  • Spec Check: Undercounter Warewashers

    Because undercounter warewashers incorporate a number of variables, including electricity, water and chemicals, operators need to carefully weigh their options when specifying these units. 

  • Energy Efficiency and Undercounter Warewashers

    The Energy Star rating criteria for undercounter warewashers has been recently updated.