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Service Tips: Door-Type Dishwashers

Door-type dishwashers are a good mid-sized option for operations that can’t or don’t want to dedicate the pace to a flight-type unit and need more capacity than an undercounter. Here are a few tips to keeping these warewashers running smoothly.

  • The interior of dish machines should be cleaned on a regular basis. Though exact guidance differs slightly among manufacturers, most recommend at least once a day.
  • Cleaning warewashers typically involve several steps, including emptying screens and baskets of all food debris. Immediately remove any food debris in the bottom of the unit. Do not wait until the end of the day or the next scheduled cleaning session.
  • Deep cleaning of wash arms is an important part of dishwasher maintenance. Be sure to train staff on handling those parts with care. Dented arms may not sanitize as well.
  • In addition to cleaning, dish machines need regular deliming. Many have deliming functions.
  • Only use chemicals that have been formulated for commercial dish machines. Detergents for residential machines can’t be counted on to properly sanitize dishes in a commercial machine.