Dishwashers and Warewashers

The unit that best suits an operation depends on the kitchen, the restaurant’s volume and the items it will wash.


Purchasing Considerations for Undercounter Dishwashers

Operators should consider the location of the unit. “Will it be under an ADA section of the bar?” asks Emalee Austerman, project coordinator at Camacho Associates, Atlanta. “If so, bar operators will need to make sure it will fit under the counter. Will it be in view of the customer or near customer seating? In this case, they will probably want a low-temp option with a slow start-up to avoid excess steam and noise.”

Operators should also consider the cost of the unit. Will it be leased or purchased? “Leasing the dishwasher is a great option when a customer is looking to save some money,” says Austerman.

Many undercounter dishwashers incorporate a slow start-up feature, similar to glasswashers. “This reduces the risk of breaking expensive glassware from the jolt of the machine starting and also reduces the initial start-up noise,” says Austerman. “Some are also incorporating a drain board option on top of the machine to maximize drying space.”

While the most common application of an undercounter dishwasher is to reduce labor costs by quickly and efficiently cleaning glasses/dishes, it can also in some municipalities take the place of a three-compartment sink in the bar, as long as there is one in a kitchen nearby. “This can free up valuable space at the bar to use for more storage, cocktail stations, etc.,” says Austerman.

When installing an undercounter dishwasher, an aspect that sometimes gets overlooked is allowing space for the cleaning detergent. “There must be space under an adjacent piece of equipment to allow for the chemical storage,” says Austerman.


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