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Maintaining Undercounter Warewashers

Water conditions can adversely impact warewashers, necessitating more diligence with maintenance and cleaning. 

Although these units don't require much maintenance, there are a number of procedures that can help extend the service life of undercounter warewashers. Here are a few tips for foodservice operators:

  • Clean units as often as possible. Food build up will clog nozzles and hinder the warewasher's operation. For this reason, screen filters at the bottom of the dishwasher or scrap tray must be washed and cleaned every day. Operation may be disrupted if excess food gets caught in the drain plug.
  • Drain the machine's water daily. Doing so preserves the longevity, sanitation and cleanliness of the machine.
  • Clean the tubing on a monthly basis.
  • Keep pumps and fans properly lubricated.
  • A good water filtering system results in better water conditions, cleaner results and a longer service life. If hard water is being used, regular deliming will be necessary.