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A Sip and a Slice

Few things go together better than pizza and beer. But while most bars have taken a hit due to pandemic-related restrictions, many pizza restaurants have managed to survive and even thrive. Since most pizza restaurants were positioned for takeout and delivery before the pandemic, the seismic shift toward off-premises eating that has taken place recently didn’t affect them to the same extent it did traditional restaurants.

Recent research from Datassential shows that interest in pizza remains high for both operators and consumers. Of the 354 restaurant, retail and on-site operators surveyed, 95% believe that their pizza sales will remain consistent or increase over the next year.

Consumer actions bear out that optimism; a full 88% of those surveyed say they are eating more or the same amount of pizza that they did a year ago. And they can be fiercely loyal to their favorite pizza places. The Datassential survey found that 42% of consumers feel “very loyal” to their preferred delivery/takeout pizza restaurant, and slightly more (45%) usually order pizza from the same restaurant regardless of specials at other restaurants.

There may still be further room for growth in the segment, according to the survey. While 56% of consumers are interested in stuffed crust pizzas, only 19% of this operator group offers them. Nontraditional crusts — such as cauliflower and gluten-free — also hold strong interest for these survey respondents.

If pizza is on your menu, or if you have bar service, the insights on the next few pages will help you run your operation more efficiently.

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