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New Oven Innovation Increases Kitchen Efficiency

Alto Shaam Buckshots largeDan Ullsperger, owner and operator of Buckshot’s Saloon & Eatery, with his Alto-Shaam Vector® Multi-Cook Oven – H Series Wide.As the peak summer season approached last year, Ullsperger thought he might have to close Buckshot’s for one night a week. “Because of the loss of employees, we didn’t have the horsepower to stay open,” says Ullsperger. He needed something that would maximize his labor but maintain his standards of quality. He found the Vector® Wide to be the perfect solution. “It’s incredible to be able to put food in the oven, hit a button and walk away,” he says. “There’s not any other piece of equipment in our kitchen that allows our cooks to multitask.”

The wide oven size allows Buckshot’s to cook many food items, including extra-large 16-inch pizzas. With three independent chambers, the operator can control temperature, fan speed and cook time separately in each chamber. The Buckshot’s team prepares pizzas, seared ahi tuna steaks, grilled chicken and other dishes all at the same time with no flavor transfer. Programmability means that recipes come out consistently delicious — an important part of the experience for diners and for Ullsperger. “If you don’t have consistency, you’re dead in the water as a restaurant,” he says. “Having an oven that is programmed to cook food perfectly ultimately keeps our customers coming back.”