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The Increased Importance of Holding Equipment

A Q&A with Travis Hartley, VP of Sales & Development, FWE

Has the increase in mobile and to-go ordering created more demand for holding equipment?

Travis Hartley: Absolutely! In the past, a select group of people had tried third-party delivery services. With COVID, everybody was pushed into relying on to-go and order pickup. Before, shelves or stainless-steel counters FWE TS 1633 36P DutchDoorsOpen PizzaOn the TS-1633 model, convenient Dutch doors on both sides make access easy for crew and customers.were adequate for staging those orders. Now, customers have much higher expectations of food temperature and quality upon pickup.

Is packaging important to a successful pickup or mobile order platform?

TH: Packaging has become paramount and needs to be tailored not only to the brand but to the food product itself. The packaging is carrying your brand into the customer’s house. Packaging is of the utmost importance to ensure individual items maintain their top servable quality as long as possible.

What makes FWE the best option for pizza holding solutions?

TH: Our flexibility. Whether a user has limited space or high volume, we can tailor our offerings to suit any particular environment. We have specialized cabinets that hold two 16-inch to 18-inch pizza boxes back-to-back on each shelf so you maximize how many pizzas fit inside a single footprint. Our heated shelves let you hold product in a high-access, high-visibility format that can be wall-mounted, undercounter, or countertop. That’s what separates FWE from our competitors – our ability to customize and modify without a custom-modified price tag.