Dishwashers and Warewashers

The unit that best suits an operation depends on the kitchen, the restaurant’s volume and the items it will wash.


Undercounter glass washers can save both space and time while completing a specific task. This equipment becomes essential for operations utilizing large quantities of glasses and mugs. With an undercounter location, the units provide convenient access to clean glassware and save staff time running into the kitchen. This equipment specifically cleans glasses without causing damage, such as cracks and chips.

Here are four cleaning and maintenance tips to help foodservice operators keep their warewashers running at peak efficiency.

The quantity and type of food, along with the type of items being washed represent key factors to weigh when specifying a warewasher for any foodservice operation.

Regularly wipe down external machine surfaces, floor and wall surfaces.“The more typical style of undercounter dishmachine is very similar to a residential unit,” says Tom McBride, technician for General Parts in Houston. “For a bar footprint where space may be limited for both equipment and personnel, this style presents some challenges.”

Operators should consider the location of the unit. “Will it be under an ADA section of the bar?” asks Emalee Austerman, project coordinator at Camacho Associates, Atlanta. “If so, bar operators will need to make sure it will fit under the counter. Will it be in view of the customer or near customer seating? In this case, they will probably want a low-temp option with a slow start-up to avoid excess steam and noise.”

New innovations in the category include steam elimination and energy recovery.

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