Dishwashers and Warewashers

The unit that best suits an operation depends on the kitchen, the restaurant’s volume and the items it will wash.


Innovations in Undercounter Dishwashers

New innovations in the category include steam elimination and energy recovery.

These two features typically appear together as they are a product of one another. One of the challenges that has always existed with high-temp undercounter dishmachines is that when the rinse cycle ends and it’s time to open the door and remove the wares, the heat inside has produced steam. When the door opens, this cloud of steam comes out into the face of the operator and creates a hot, damp, humid environment for the operator and anyone else in the area. This also restricts where an operator can install the machine because of the steam. This is especially an issue at a bar because the steam would disrupt the environment where customers are present.

Newer low-temp warewashers utilize potable water to rinse off chemical residue after the final rinse and sanitation cycle. This is geared for operations serving wine, beer and specialty cocktails.

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