FE&S Top Achiever - Manufacturers' Rep: List of Past Winners

In 2003 FE&S renamed its Young Lions Award to the present day Top Achiever Award.

2021 Christopher East Chrane Foodservice Solutions
2020 Lynne Schultz Tri-State Marketing
2019 Karen Higgins 4 Star Reps
2018 Dave Kuelpman KLH Marketing
2017 Stacey Stahl Ritten Associates Inc.
2016 Chris Jeens W.D. Colledge Co. Ltd.
2015 Wayne Jones The Hansen Group
2014 Chris Folz The Redstone Group
2013 Michael Posternak PBAC & Associates
2012 Joe McDonald E3 Commercial Kitchen Solutions
2011 Danny Collis Collis Group, Inc
2010 Carl Boutilier Mirkovich & Associates
2009 Sean Girard & Paul Swanson Jr Swanson-Girard & Associates
2008 Jeffrey Couch Preferred Marketing Group
2007 Bill Kelly Kelly-Minks
2006 Jim Zink Zink Marketing
2005 Bill Cassidy Equipment Preference Inc
2004 Pete Stryker Miller & Stryker Associates
2003 Jeff Hessel BSE Marketing
2002 Kelly McArthur Kain-McArthur
2001 George LeCavalier Engster Marketing
2000 Eric Starliper Starliper & Associates
1999 Dan Miles The Miles Group
1998 David Viola Jr Viola Marketing Group
1998 Neal Asbury Asbury Worldwide
1997 Robert Moccia Jr. Moccia Enterprises
1996 Elise Roberts L.F. Hadley & Associates
1995 Alan Squire Squire Associates
1994 Craig Hodges Food Equipment Reps
1993 Nathan Poulos Poulos & Associates
1992 Richard Abernathy Sun Marketing Agents
1991 John Bridgins Bridgins & Associates
1990 Jay Lawson Burlis-Lawson Group
1990 Bobby Watson Jr. Watson Foodservice
1989 David Johnson Raleigh Johnson Company
1989 Raleigh Johnson III Raleigh Johnson Company
1988 Greg Fisher Fisher Group
1987 Danny Lane Moccia-Lane Associates
1986 Roger Martin Stove Parts Supply Co
1986 Tim Simmons The Wallin Group
1986 Jihm Landry The Wallin Group
1986 Da LaGraize The Wallin Group