NAFEM Product Showcase 2021

  • XLR8™ Upper Heated Platen

    AccuTempAccuTemp nafem product XLR8 01

    Put the pedal to the metal and supercharge your kitchen with the speed, performance and accuracy of XLR8™ Upper Heated Platen. Brought to you by AccuTemp, the XLR8™ is powered by proprietary AccuHeat technology. It fits any AccuSteam™ griddle with a 24-inch depth cooking surface to decrease cooking time for faster ticket times and no slowdowns during peak periods. What’s more, the XLR8™ will ensure your kitchen can keep up even during the busiest dayparts with even temperatures and near

  • Converge® Multi-Cook Ovens

    AltoShaam nafem product CMC H3H Front LRAlto-Shaam

    Introducing the latest leap forward in the multi-cook category. Paring the power of Structured Air Technology® with controlled humidity, Converge® Multi-Cook Ovens provide expanded menu potential in the smallest footprint. With up to three independent chambers in a ventless space, operators can now steam, bake, grill and air fry at the exact same time, in the same oven, without sacrificing quality. Converge also features a self-cleaning design, saving operators

  • GRD Steam Griddles

    American Griddle

    AmericanGriddle nafem product AG NAFEM Product ImageAmerican Griddle’s patented Steam Shell technology brings solutions to your kitchen never before possible. The Steam Shell Griddle offers perfect uniform temperatures across the entire cooking surface. Plus, with the Steam Shell lid, food is cooked from the top and bottom at the same time, retaining product moisture and reducing most cook times by up to 50%.


  • HURRiCHiLL Blast Chillers/Shock Freezers

    American Panel CorporationAmericanPanel nafem product APC FES NAFEM Newsletter product 4x6 LR

    American Panel is also proud to offer the largest line of blast chillers and shock freezers on the market, HURRiCHiLL, with 37 different free-standing models and an infinite number of integral configurations. HURRiCHiLL also offers the easiest to use controls in the industry, blast chilling is complex but controlling it doesn’t have to be. The biggest addition to the HURRiCHiLL family has been designed and built with

  • Bally Walk-in Cooler/Freezer

    Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc.BallyRefrigeratedBoxes nafem product Cut away speed locstructural door frame LR

    Structure matters! Bally’s unique Speed-Lok System combined with our structural steel doors frame provide an internal cage/skeleton of reinforcement throughout the entire panel system. Standard on every Bally walk-in, Nothing Beats a Bally!

  • The Pressure Fryer Perfected

    Broaster CompanyBroaster ESeries18 edit OL

    Save space, enhance efficiency, and increase output with the Broaster E-Series pressure fryer. Featuring a range of advanced features, the E-series raises the bar on kitchen innovation. Provide your customers with moist and flavorful chicken while easily managing all your back-of-house labor.

  • SU48 Modular Keg Rack Custom Solutions

    Choice Equipment CompanyChoiceEquipmentCompany nafem product Keg Rack SU48 Corner LR

    Choice Equipment offers our SU48 series modular keg rack system as a customizable solution to help you maximize your beer keg cooler storage. Choice Equipment’s SU48 system is NSF approved and made in the USA. Its high strength aluminum construction allows for easy setup and assembly inside the cooler. It is constructed of 1.5 by 2-inch heavy duty aluminum tubular frame. Each unit is interlocked for strength and rigidity. Single keg

  • UC24SN

    Continental RefrigeratorContinental nafem product UC24SN LR

    Continental Refrigerator’s new 24-inch wide, shallow depth undercounter refrigerator provides top-of-the-line refrigeration solutions even in the smallest of spaces. This unit contains a long list of exceptional product features, including: a factory-engineered, performance-rated refrigeration capillary tube system, an automatic, hot gas condensate evaporator, a front-breathing ventilation system that allows the unit to be flush against a wall, and a stainless-steel exterior and

  • TamperSeal™ Tamper-Evident Labels

    DayMark® Safety SystemsDayMark nafem product TamperSeal TakeOut Containers LR

    TamperSeal™ tamper-evident labels by DayMark® utilize an aggressive adhesive that sticks to most packaging materials safely and securely. Available with custom branding and in an assortment of shapes and sizes that are ideal for all types of food and drink packaging, each label features security slits that provide a clear indication that delivered food may have been tampered with.


  • Panoramic Refrigerated Display Case

    EquipexEquipex nafem product Vitrine gateaux CD 800 LR

    Our new panoramic refrigerated display cases are ideal for salads, sandwiches, cakes, desserts and so much more! Features include attractive LED lighting and two glass shelves with a bottom stainless-steel plate. Choose from two different sizes which are available in stainless steel or black enamel. The inside temperature can go as low as 36 degrees F and features an automatic defrost system with electronic thermostat and temperature indicator. Provided with a 5-year

  • Ultra Spray Valve

    Fisher Mfg.Fisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    Standard on all Fisher Pre-Rinse Units, the Ultra Spray Valve is proven to remove garbage off a plate fastest with its knife-edge spray nozzle that only uses 1.15 gallons of water per minute. The improved heavy-duty lift pin and solid brass/chrome plated handle guarantees that this spray valve will perform up to 1 million cycles. Consistent performance, durability and designed with efficiency and the least environmental impact regarding our product, processes and packaging in mind,

  • FLAT® AUTO-ADJUST Table Bases

    FLAT®Fisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    The FLAT® AUTO-ADJUST Table Base is a revolution in commercial dining table design. Eliminate wobbles and utilize space better, even on uneven flooring like reclaimed hardwood flooring, stone, or brick. These table bases automatically stabilize and then lock into place. They also provide the added feature of quickly and efficiently allowing multiple tables to be placed together and aligned for a seamless tabletop by simply pressing, or lifting, on the table to

  • Kitchen Controller™ System

    Frontline InternationalFisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    Kitchen Controller™ system, a Frontline International and Cargill collaboration, helps maintain fry oil quality, reduces costs, and delivers maximum fried food consistency. Its sensor measures and analyzes oil health, making recommendations actionable from a touch screen.

  • Infrared Heated Holding Shelves

    Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc.Fisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    The HHS-IR series of infrared holding shelves were created to maximize hold times of fried and crispy coated products. The long wave infrared elements are positioned to keep sensitive product like fried chicken and french fries within an ideal range – retaining crispy, just-out-of-the-fryer texture, while maintaining internal temperature and moisture. Ease of use is another key feature, the wide-open design allows operators to go from fryer, to pan to plate,

  • Halton SafeGuard

    Halton CompanyFisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    Halton SafeGuard solutions combine industry-leading technology that puts critical information in the operator’s hands while automatically responding to sensor input. This first of its kind system comes standard with: Demand Controlled Kitchen Ventilation, a full suite of Halton Indoor Environmental Quality sensors and FireWatch, 2-stage notification that senses when conditions are favorable for a fire at the appliance and the hood. Halton SafeGuard System, always on duty,

  • Flav-R 2-Go® Locker System

    Hatco CorporationFisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    Hatco® Corporation’s Flav-R 2-Go® Locker System holds hot or ambient to-go food orders at optimum serving temperatures with quick and secure access. Each locker has a timer to hold packaged foods for up to 45 minutes. The F2G features a touch screen on the operator side and the customer side. The operator inputs the customer’s name and code for the food order on the operator side; the customer receives the code, enters it on the customer side, and their locker will flash

  • DOE Compliant Refrigeration Systems and Controls

    HeatcraftFisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    Heatcraft has rounded out its new model product offering by launching one of the widest ranges of refrigeration systems meeting DOE minimum AWEF levels. At The NAFEM Show we featured our Dealer Design award-winning DOE Low Profile unit cooler paired with a ½ - 6 hp condensing unit. This new DOE refrigeration system offers the highest level of cost savings, energy efficiency and serviceability. When paired with our best-in-class intelliGen refrigeration control, users can remotely manage

  • 2by2 Cube Ice Machine

    Hoshizaki America Inc.Fisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    Hoshizaki’s new 2by2 Cube machine is the perfect addition to complete the Specialty Ice line-up which also includes the 1by1 Cube and 1.8-inch Sphere. Dramatic in size and appearance, the 2by2 Cube gives cocktails and spirits a glam look while maintaining a superior cocktail chill with minimal dilution. This machine has a small footprint making it fit easily under a bar without jeopardizing essential space. Producing approximately 189 clear cubes daily, the 2by2 machine eliminates

  • Instant Warm Handwash System

    InSinkEratorFisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    The InSinkErator Instant Warm Handwash System is the new best practice in handwashing. It provides commercial kitchens with a sanitary, touchless handwashing solution that promotes hygiene by providing instant 100 degree F warm water in locations where employees need to wash their hands consistently and effectively. The system combines a hot water tank and touchless faucet in one space-saving design. The faucet provides a 2-in-1 deck or splash mount option to easily accommodate 1-, 2-, or 3-

  • Jackson DynaStar Ventless Door-type with Energy Recovery

    Jackson WWS, Inc.Fisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    The DynaStar VER Ventless High Temperature Door Dishmachine is packed with features that provide Clean the First Time® performance and a low cost of ownership. Designed with energy recovery in mind, this ventless unit is less than 63-iches tall. The dishmachine cleans 40 racks per hour using 0.66 gallons per rack. The adjustable rinse accommodates all soil loads, Econo or Turbo Rinse modes. There are three selectable timed cycles, plus a delime cycle and requires only a cold-water

  • Modular Kitchens

    Kitchens To Go by Mobile ModularFisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    Modular kitchens; ideal for planned and unplanned situations, are being leveraged as a competitive advantage for operators concentrating on food accessibility and speed of delivery. More cost-effective than site-built construction, modular kitchens have smaller footprints which translates into closer proximity to customers, reduced labor costs, and quicker ROI. Configuring modular kitchens to the operations unique need make them ideal for renovation, new

  • Spinstick™ Mixing Base for Cocktails On Tap

    Micro Matic USA, Inc.MarraForni nafem product Stackable Oven LR

    The Spinstick™ Mixing Base from Micro Matic continuously blends cocktails with our patented vortex technology, preventing nearly any recipe from separating or settling. Simply drop the FDA-compliant SpinStick™ stirrer into a filled Beverage Tank™ with a batch recipe of your choice. Place the tank on top of the proprietary motorized mixing base and within moments, the SpinStick™ will begin spinning, resulting in a continuous mixing of the cocktail. Our mixing base system

  • Reach-in Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

    Liebherr Appliances USFisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    For decades, Liebherr has dedicated all of its efforts to engineering the world’s finest cooling appliances. As a global foodservice refrigeration partner, this commitment continues to drive us to develop innovative solutions like our Reach-in Commercial Refrigeration and Freezing Appliances. Featuring impressive energy efficiency, precise temperature control and easy maintenance and cleaning, they are a testament to our advanced German engineering and cutting-edge

  • Midea “Scan&Go” Commercial Microwave Oven

    Midea America Corp.Fisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    Midea’s “FlashChef®” line of commercial cooking appliances is proud to introduce the Commercial Industry’s 1st: “Scan&Go®” Microwave Oven. With unique IR technology, your customer simply passes a bar-coded packaged food item into the oven and the proprietary software “reads” the item, accesses the cooking program* and cooks the food to exact manufacturer (or your own) specifications.
    *Pre-loaded, manually or through an automatically

  • AutoFry MTI 10X

    Motion Technology, Inc.Fisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    The AutoFry MTI-10X is an automatic, ventless deep fryer, designed for any business looking to start a food program. No hoods or venting required; means you can serve up an entire menu without the need of expensive renovations to your kitchen, with just the push of a button. With the MTI-10X, you have the flexibility to relocate the machine to fit your space, the ability to produce high profit items such as fries, onion rings, chicken tenders, and the capacity to

  • Perlick Signature Mobile Bar Designed by Tobin Ellis

    PerlickFisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    Perlick’s Signature Series mobile bars, designed by Tobin Ellis, offer all the quality of our preassembled underbars with mobility, so operators can easily move the bar anywhere within the venue for design and layout flexibility. Utilize one or several units to create multiple stations to maximize sales of highly profitable cocktails. The Signature Series mobile bars come in 42-inch or 66-inch models. 66-inch models are available with or without sinks; Perlick’s touchless faucet adapter is

  • Gearless Adjustable Portable

    PMG - Premier Metal & GlassFisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    Sleek attractive portable guard can become permanent simply by removing the “U” bar and attaching to the counter! Adjusting the glass requires no tools, simply lift the glass. Freight is included to the contiguous 48 states.

  • Custom Walk-In Refrigeration

    Polar KingFisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    Polar King walk-in coolers and freezers are made of fiberglass and designed specifically for outdoor use. Whether you need a cooler, freezer, or a combination of both, a Polar King walk-in will save inside space and increase your buying power. Every Polar King unit allows you to design your own floor plan and enables you to locate doors and walls virtually anywhere. Polar King also offers a wide spectrum of optional accessories to make your walk-in even more suitable to your

  • RHEF-75-CM-2

    Royal Range of CaliforniaFisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    The RHEF-75 fryer filter system is the highest energy efficient fryer filter system available at 72% efficient. It also has the highest production at 129 pounds per hour, almost 30% higher than any other fryer available. The fryer filter systems are simply to use and easy to clean. They are available is one to five tank systems with the option of digital or computer controls. The systems come standard with a washdown hose for cleaning and filling the fryer tanks after filtering. They

  • Salvajor WSP

    The Salvajor CompanyFisher nafem product 2949 sprayvalve LR

    A smarter way to save water and energy. Choose our Water Saving Package (WSP), you’ll get patented* sensor technology that will help you save on your water usage. Automatically reduces water flow by 80% based on demand. HydroLogic® timed run technology built into the ARSS-LD control will save you energy too. Includes disposer, sink or cone assembly, control and sensor. Simple installation requires only one solenoid.
    *U.S. Pat. No. 7,815,134


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