Ventilation systems remove cooking heat, effluent and odors.


Service Tips: Hoods

Every kitchen has one, at least, and every kitchen needs to maintain them. Here are a few tips for keeping a ventilation system in good working order.

  • Have the hood professionally serviced on a regular basis. Service should include changing the belts: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Keep extra belts on hand. This can allow for a quick fix if a belt unexpectedly fails. Having the part on hand can also shorten emergency service calls, ultimately saving you money.
  • Listen for noise from the hood. If something suddenly sounds different, that’s a sign that a problem may be developing. Reach out to the company that services the hood to schedule a checkup.
  • Wipe down the hood daily and clean the removable filters. If the filter fits in the warewasher, remove excess grease off with a degreaser before it goes in that unit. Doing so will help prevent grease migration up to the rooftop and the unit’s motor, which can lead to premature failure.


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