Ovens cover a broad range of equipment pieces and include combi, deck, cook and hold, microwave and convection.


Combi Oven Service Tips

Combi ovens are high-dollar pieces that offer operators great control over a cooking environment. A single unit can serve as a standard oven, a steamer, or a mix with varying heat and humidity levels. Because they do so much, a combi going down can cause serious disruptions in a kitchen. Here are some tips to keeping your combi running smoothly.

  • Many combis have self-cleaning features. Be sure to fill the chemical reservoir only with factory-approved cleaning solution. The wrong cleaner can literally destroy a combi’s cooking chamber.
  • The standard best-practices for hot side equipment apply to combi ovens: keep vents clean of debris and make sure they have the proper clearance. This information should be in the owner’s manual.
  • Combis usually have sophisticated electronic controls. Staff should know not to get these controls wet. This often occurs when cleaning crews for operations like hospitals and schools hose down kitchen equipment.
  • Be sure the water going into a combi meets the manufacturer’s guidelines. Scale and lime buildup in a unit can impact its performance, drive up utility cost and eventually cause a breakdown if not cleaned.
  • Equipment abuse can lead to service calls. Instruct staff not to slam the combi’s door, as this can damage the hinges.


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