Typically, operators use fryers to heat a large volume of oil to deep fry menu items like chicken or fries.


Service Tips: Ventless Fryers

Ventless fryers allow operators to offer a full menu in spaces that can’t accommodate hoods or without investing in a large hood system.

  • Ventless fryers have built-in fire suppression. These self-contained hoods are located much closer to the fry basin than traditional hoods. That means their hoods need to be wiped down more frequently and filters need to be removed and cleaned much more often.
  • It is very important to cover ventless fryers with a planned maintenance agreement. Because of this built-in hood, ventless fryers have more components than traditional fryers, meaning there are more potential points of failure. Planned maintenance can help eliminate such failures.
  • With traditional fryers, a single fryer malfunctioning in a fryer bank does not impact the others. Because ventless fryers are integrated with their hoods, a hood malfunction can put a whole fryer bank out of service. This also raises the importance of regular cleaning and planned maintenance.
  • Ventless fryers are electric-powered. If you’re considering one, make sure the unit matches your power supply. If you have one installed, keep an eye on the power cord for fraying or other damage.


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