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5 Design Hacks for a Better Kitchen Workspace 

Marleen St. Marie, design project manager, Cini•Little International Inc., shares five ways to improve kitchen workspaces:

HShot MStMarie Color CiniLittleHave a dedicated space with lockers for staff to store their personal items like coats, purses and smartphones. 

Make space along the cookline that serves as a safe place to set cups or water bottles and that doesn’t violate any health codes. 

Create space for trash by either building trash cans into the counter or within some clearance space next to counters. This is often an afterthought in kitchens and bars, and nothing looks worse than trash piling up in the middle of a bar or other area that guests can see. 

Don’t forget about water filters. Not only do I see many operators forget about putting those in, in the first place, but there needs to be enough space made for them.

Think about how food is transported throughout the kitchen. How many carts do you need? You don’t want spaces consumed by transport equipment to the point that people are trying to work around it or it impedes flow. It might be best to designate a separate space to house these pieces so they’re not taking up floor space. 

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