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Service Tips: Open Air Merchandisers

Open air merchandisers provide operators with an easy way to encourage add-on sales at the register and take a small bit of workload off their employees. Here are a few ways restaurants can keep these units working well and looking good.

  • Because open air merchandisers operate in full view of customers it becomes especially important to keep them clean. Use chemicals recommended by the manufacturer and avoid cleaning solutions and abrasive clothes or sponges that can damage the appearance of the unit. If applicable, remove the unit’s shelving on a regular basis for deep cleaning.
  • These units rely on air curtains to maintain safe temperatures. Do not overfill them or block the air flow with products.
  • Open air merchandisers are not designed to work in high heat/high humidity environments. Operations that fall in one of those categories should consider merchandisers with doors instead.
  • Like all refrigeration units, the components of open air merchandisers need to be cleaned regularly. This includes cleaning condenser coils and fan blades, as well as keeping air vents clear of obstruction and debris.