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Service Tips: Hoods

Essentially every professional kitchen has a hood. They’re necessary for fire prevention and to keep workspaces safe and comfortable for employees. Operators can’t operate without a hood, so they should take some steps to keep theirs in working order.

  • Keep an eye - and an ear - on the exhaust fan. A noisy or vibrating fan can be a sign of trouble. Monitor fan belts for wear and tear.
  • Clean filters and grease traps at the frequency the manufacturer or service agent recommends. Look for buildup of grease or debris, both of which can clog a unit and lead to poor performance.
  • Wipe down hoods with soap and warm water. This basic cleaning can help prevent serious problems by keeping grease away from motors, fan blades and other components. Consider polishing your hood after cleaning to maintain a professional look.
  • Have your hood professionally cleaned and serviced regularly. Most hoods need servicing at least twice a year.