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The Case for Nimbleness

For those of you who were able to tune in to our FED Lunch & Learn series on Tuesdays in October, you no doubt garnered a slew of great takeaways from our array of esteemed presenters and panelists. Their ideas about the transformative nature of the time we find ourselves in and the changes we are likely to see next in the world of foodservice equipment and design were both thought provoking and timely.

maureen slocum headshotMaureen SlocumOne lasting takeaway from the series, for me, came up again and again in a variety of different talks and conversations, and that was the idea of remaining flexible, adaptable and resilient in the face of dramatic disruption: Nimble, in a word.

Obviously, no one can precisely predict the timing or course of this pandemic. There are too many unknowns given the nature of the virus compounded by our own unpredictable human response to the facts put before us. The best we can do is to stay informed and be prepared to change course as often and aggressively as circumstances dictate.

For a laser focus on food-related consumer habits, check out Sandra Duff’s FED Lunch & Learn series presentation covering four macrotrends identified by research from Jackman Reinvents. In this 12-minute talk, Duff provides insight on identifying and attracting restaurant clientele based on personality type and pandemic-influenced consumer trends.

As we approach this unique Thanksgiving season, let’s all be mindful of the tremendous need for greater food security among the displaced restaurant workers and their families. Our own contributor, Jerry Stiegler, has been tracking the uptick in restaurant hiring while continuing to remind us about the millions of hourly wage workers facing unemployment in the hospitality industry alone. Zoomba Group is proud to have been included among the 18 NAFEM member companies who contributed to their Feeding America donation effort that has resulted in more than 7 million meals delivered through local food pantries by mid-October 2020.

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