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American Grit

As the country emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to watch a grand experiment unfold with a patchwork of varied responses based on class, economics and politics. Opinions about where this will all lead are as varied as the number of opinion-makers out there, and individual responses seem to be mostly based on the sources of information that people are choosing to rely on.

Here at FE&S, we are sticking to the facts, rapidly changing and elusive as they may be, and reporting on what we are seeing and hearing through the eyes and ears of our network of editors and contributors.

We can be sure of at least two things at this point: The hospitality industry will survive and reemerge in some form, and it will look a lot different than the pre-pandemic world that we had grown accustomed to. To help guide you to sound decisions that will impact your own business, we encourage you to take a look around, not just in your own city or state but nationally, to see what successful operators are doing to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape. There may be ideas for modification that you can borrow, both great and small, that will make a difference as you navigate the rapid shifts in consumer behavior brought about by the pandemic.

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Every disaster, every calamity, every tragedy that we face ultimately serves as a test. The way we respond to these tests defines who we are as individuals, as companies and as countries.

This pandemic will reveal the American grit that has defined us as a people. That grit will allow us to emerge better than we were before — more united, more resilient, more willing to help our neighbors.