Consultant's Viewpoint

  • Protecting Profitability

    Good news: Commercial and noncommercial foodservice operators have plenty of options at their disposal that can help their businesses weather this pandemic-induced storm.

  • Finding Flexibility in the Kitchen

    While we might not be slammed at the moment, let’s prepare to be. How can we work today to maximize our capacity for tomorrow?

  • The Digitization of Noncommercial Foodservice

    Takeout and delivery dominated the foodservice industry last year, thanks to the pandemic.

  • Redefining the Dine-In Experience

    As COVID-19 continues to spread in this country and dining rooms operate at reduced capacity, restaurants (and other foodservice operations) keep having to make sweeping changes, not only to their businesses but also to their vision and mission.

  • 4 Similarities Between Correctional and Commercial Foodservice

    On the surface, for-profit foodservice may seem to have little in common with correctional foodservice. In reality, though, the two segments face many of the same challenges, such as budget and labor issues.

  • Visualizing the Store of the Future

    All restaurants should regularly visualize what their store of the future (SOF) will look like. An exercise of this nature is important in the best of times. In light of the impact the coronavirus continues to have on this industry, it’s never been more important than it is today, especially with an ever-changing future.

  • Damico Becomes CEO of Global Franchise Group

    In a move to spur growth, including possibly via acquisition, restaurant industry veteran Paul Damico was named CEO of Global Franchise Group.