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PartPredictor Increases Equipment Uptime in Foodservice Equipment Repair

PartsTown PartPredictor Data backed by MILLIONS of successful repairsWhen a piece of equipment isn’t working properly, nothing is more frustrating than having the wrong part for the job. Wrong parts can lead to repeated service calls and equipment downtime…both of which can mean lost revenue and wasted staff time. That’s why Parts Town, the technology innovator and market-leading distributor of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) foodservice equipment parts, developed PartPredictor. It’s a first-of-its-kind, powerful digital tool that helps identify the right OEM parts for repairs, using real-world data derived from millions of successful technician repairs. This AI-based solution accurately predicts the most frequently used parts for specific equipment issues so customers can find the parts they need more quickly than ever.

PartPredictor was designed especially for technicians and service companies in the foodservice industry, and is based on the years of experience Parts Town has in the foodservice equipment business. PartPredictor’s recommendations are based on millions of actual service calls. That makes it more than just a “best guess” at finding the right part; it has years of solid experience behind it. “By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with first-hand data insights from technicians in the field, PartPredictor empowers service companies to identify the right OEM parts with unprecedented efficiency,” says Emanuela Delgado, Senior Vice President of the Revolution, Parts Town’s Red Lightning Group.

Parts Town Fix Rate Percent 900x811PartPredictor is easy to use. Simply visit partstown.com and find the PartPredictor tool — it’s located throughout the website. Then just enter three key pieces of information: first, find the manufacturer of the equipment from a convenient drop-down list. Next, select the appropriate model number. Finally, choose the main issue or problem for which a part is needed. PartPredictor instantly generates a list of the most frequently used parts for that issue or problem. Each part is accompanied by a “Fix Rate,” indicating the percentage of successful repairs for which that exact part has been used.

By using PartPredictor, technicians can stock their trucks ahead of time with the parts they need for service calls. That can help increase the first-time fix rate and get equipment back in top operating condition more quickly — a win-win all around. Additionally, techs can save time on the front end as research time is cut down to just seconds as well as using PartPredictor to determine what “top parts” to always stock in their service vans.

“We’re thrilled to introduce PartPredictor,” Delgado says. PartPredictor is “a game-changing innovation that doubles down on our mission to provide our service company partners with the tools and resources they need to find mission-critical replacement parts quickly and efficiently, improving first-call fix rates and reducing overall equipment downtime.”

The innovation behind PartPredictor is led by Red Lightning Group, a division of Parts Town Unlimited, and is focused on accelerating the pace of breakthrough innovation to support the foodservice industry.

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