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All-Day Prep Tables, Who Knew? Meet our Glycol Prep Tables

Meet Traulsen Glycol Prep Tables

They’re commonly used by operators in just about every foodservice industry segment, but prep tables can sometimes be challenging to operators. Their many pain points often include uneven pan and food temperatures, frozen or unnecessary food waste, ice buildup, and water requiring costly labor to clean up every day. This is why Traulsen offers the perfect solution, our TB-Series Glycol family of products! 

Traulsen Glycol Prep Table

Typical cold wall prep tables operate by circulating approximately 20-degree F refrigerant around the ingredient rail’s perimeter.  This temperature can result in frozen food, which in turn becomes unnecessary waste, especially when the pans are not stirred regularly. 

Cold wall prep tables can work well, provided that the operators do two things: close the ingredient rail lid(s) during slow times and periodically stir the food in the pans.  Doing so enhances temperature performance and prevents product from freezing.  Unfortunately for businesses using this type of prep table, the operators can frequently fail to do one or even both very simple tasks.  This can lead to unnecessary waste and possibly even unsafe food temperatures.

Glycol works similarly to the traditional cold wall system, where proximity cooling removes heat from the product pans.  However, Traulsen’s TB-Series Glycol Prep Tables use a patented design that circulates liquid glycol between 28-33 degrees F, reducing the chance of freezing or drying out the product, thereby improving food quality and greatly reducing waste.  

Among the different prep table brands on the market today, most simply stated that they “meet” the 4-hour NSF7 standard.  However, Traulsen’s TB-Series Glycol Prep Tables are rated for all-day storage.  Yes, you read correctly, that’s ALL-DAY STORAGE in the ingredient rail, specifically 24-hour NSF7, top open performance.  There’s no need to close the lids or stir the product in the pans.  The important ownership benefit of this includes reduced waste and assured food safety.  Imagine, preventing just $5 of unnecessary waste per day can result in over $1,800 of annual savings!  

There’s no need to close the lids or stir the product in the pans.

To aid employees with monitoring food temperatures, the digital, front-mounted thermometer on Traulsen’s TB-Series Glycol Prep Tables alternates between displaying both the base and ingredient rail temps.

Traditional cold wall prep tables also produce ice and water which must be cleaned up at the end of the day, requiring precious labor.  TB-Series Glycol Prep Tables do not produce ice or water, saving significant labor dollars every single day. 

Speaking of labor savings, Traulsen’s TB-Series Glycol Prep Tables are rated to safely hold food in the ingredient rail overnight, allowing these units to be loaded during slow evening hours so that they’re ready to go when needed in the morning.  Imagine all the labor that can be saved by doing so, as opposed to setting up your prep tables during busy morning hours! 

Traulsen’s TB-Series Glycol Prep Tables also provide greater pan storage capacity as these are all designed to accommodate 8” deep pans in the ingredient rail, providing 50-100% greater pan storage than those of many competitive brands.  Using deeper pans also saves labor by reducing the number of times that are needed for reloading each day.

The TB-Series Glycol Prep Tables are designed and hand-assembled in Fort Worth, TX by Traulsen, one of the most well-known and respected commercial refrigeration brands in the industry.  They are used by many high-profile restaurant chains because of their superior performance and quality design and construction.  They also feature large storage capacities in the base by virtue of having the evaporator coil located outside of the food zone, a convenient filter to protect the condenser coil from becoming clogged by grease and debris (promoting long compressor life & preventing unnecessary energy usage) and are covered by our outstanding six-year parts & labor and seven-year compressor warranty.

Available options include: Two or Three Drawers in place of any door, Nylon or Richlite Cutting Boards, Hinged Night Covers, Different Height Casters, and Stainless-Steel Single or Double Level Over Shelves.

Greater base and ingredient rail storage capacities.  Less labor to operate daily.  Reduced food waste, improved quality, and safer food.  How’s that for return on your equipment investment?  Available in convenient lengths ranging from 46” to 113” and with two or three pan rows (except the 113” model), there’s a Traulsen Glycol prep table suited for any size/type operation.

To learn more about TB-Series Glycol Prep Tables, visit our website or contact us.