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Improve Efficiency With the Right Slicer Technology

For any type of food preparation, it’s important to have equipment that can help maintain high quality and also provide efficiencies to keep your kitchen operating smoothly. When it comes to slicers, there are technologies available that help make them easier to operate, clean and maintain.

Hobart Weigh Wrap 06 19The right slicer technology can help improve efficiencies in commercial kitchens.

These technologies, along with proper operator training, are key in any commercial kitchen or retail deli space. Always make sure that operators review safety and operational manuals (or videos, if available) from the slicer manufacturer and receive the appropriate hands-on training.  

Slicer features that improve efficiencies

Slicers with removable components can help operators improve efficiencies when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing — and they help provide operator assurance. Consider the following:

Hobart Slicer HS9Slicers with removable blades are easier to thoroughly clean and sanitize.

  • Some slicers have removable blade technology with a tool that completely encases the knife during removal. This allows the operator to clean the blade easily with minimal interaction with it. Also, look for a slicer that offers zero blade exposure at all times.
  • Slicers with removable blades provide better access to all areas of the slicer, which allows for thorough, frequent and quicker cleaning.
  • Look for slicers with removable blade technology that allow the removal of the knife using one hand for greater efficiency and ease of use. 
  • Some slicers also feature a removable top cover that can be taken off for cleaning in a dishwasher or sink. 
  • Removable ring guard covers, a removable feed grip arm and a product tray that can be tilted or removed allow more thorough and faster cleaning. 

The type of blade impacts the efficiency of using the equipment. Stainless steel, cobalt-edged knives last longer and stay sharper than other blades. This reduces the time needed to sharpen the blade as frequently and minimizes downtime for changing over the blade. Testing has shown that this type of blade also improves yield by 0.9% when slicing meats and increases yield by 2.3% on cheeses compared with a standard carbon steel blade. And it eliminates the need to wait for cheeses to be cooled to improve slicing and lessens chipping of the cheese chub.

Slicer and scale all in one

Hobart Slicer HS6Slicers with integrated portion scales make it quicker to accurately weigh meats and cheeses.

For foodservice kitchens and delis, slicers with integrated portion scales can improve efficiency. For example, the scale allows the operator to more accurately pre-portion and prep sandwiches or meats and cheeses for catering events or grab-and-go sales — there is no need to guess the weight of the food product. Portion-scale slicers also eliminate the need for the operator to walk between a slicer and separate scale to weigh product, which helps improve productivity. 

Automated versions of these slicers can be programmed to operate until a specific product weight has been reached, furthering the efficiency and accuracy of the process. 

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