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Hobart: Food Safety and Your Slicer

It’s important to keep all food prep equipment clean, but especially food slicers. Why?

Carolyn Bilger: Obviously, food safety is important in any kitchen. The slicer’s always one of the first places the health inspector goes to when they come into a kitchen. And, about 80 percent of the listeria cases typically reported can be traced back to a slicer that’s not been cleaned properly.

What are the food safety considerations to remember when cleaning food slicers?

CB: There are a lot of cracks, crevices and areas where meats or cheeses can remain if you don’t wipe the machine down completely. You have to make sure you’re getting the blade nice and clean, and you’re getting the drip areas where meat could drain. You just have to be really sure you’re cleaning every possible area of that slicer.

How do Hobart food slicers help operators ensure food safety?

CB: Our heavy-duty HS series slicers can be completely broken down. We’re the only one in the industry that can do that. You can tilt our carriage back for quick cleaning or remove it completely and take it to the dish pit for deep cleaning. You can also completely remove the knife on our machine by utilizing our industry-exclusive knife removal tool. Once the knife is encased in the tool, it can be run through a triple bay sink or go into one of our warewashers. That way you know you’re getting the potential bacteria off the blade.

hobart kniferemovalHobart’s industry-exclusive knife removal tool makes for deeper cleaning and improved food safety.