Refrigeration takes many forms in foodservice operations including walk-ins, reach-ins, and display cases.


Cleaning and Maintaining Walk-In Refrigerators

Walk-in refrigerators provide a large amount of space for food storage on-site, operating more efficiently than multiple reach-in coolers or freezers. These units also can serve as large auxiliary rooms for prepping ingredients.

Walk-in coolers are easy to maintain when operators follow simple best practices and a regular maintenance schedule.

Clean the walk-in monthly with soap and water. Refrain from using harsh chemicals as they harm the metal surface.

Clean the evaporator and condensing unit biannually using a self-rinsing soap and water and, when necessary, a stiff-bristled brush. If located outside, the coils should be cleaned more often. Keep fan blades clean to reduce drag.

Twice a year, wipe down door gaskets with soap and water to prevent bacteria or mold growth. Damaged, cracked or stiff door gaskets will keep the door from sealing properly.

Biannually, check that fan motors continue to run at optimum speed.

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