Heated Display Merchandisers

Heated display merchandisers keep food accessible and hot prior to serving.


How to Clean and Maintain Heated Merchandisers

The condition of front-of-house equipment and units visible to customers, such as heated display merchandisers, serves as a reflection of an operation. Keeping this equipment clean and properly maintained plays a critical role in the success of any retail operation as doing so will enhance the appearance of food displays and therefore draw customers.

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations, wipe all merchandiser food surfaces daily. Use a stainless-steel cleaner on areas featuring this material. Use glass cleaner on food shields and other forms of glass to remove fingerprints and food debris. Proper maintenance of heated display merchandisers should include a regular check to ensure the glass remains free of small cracks or chips.

Signs that a heated display merchandiser requires service include a deteriorating toggle switch rubber boot, a burned-out bulb, a torn power cord, a damaged endcap, or a heating element that struggles to reach or maintain proper temperature.

Heated merchandisers can show signs it might be time for replacement. When t

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