Food Wells

Drop-in wells effectively keep food hot and/or cold, depending on the unit.


Food Well Cleaning and Maintenance

Drop-in wells hold hot or cold food, keeping it at required temperatures. Due to these units’ basic design, cleaning and maintenance are not as complicated as with other equipment.

In terms of cleaning, rinse food wells with a mild detergent and wipe them on a daily basis. For wet units, drain and refill the water daily to prevent scale and mineral buildup. With plumbing connections, staff should not yank or hang items on the unit’s pipes. This can cause a break in the connection point.

One sign that indicates a hot food well is failing is scorch marks on the bottom of the well.

Staff members should keep an eye on food well temperatures. If there are issues with the thermostat, if the food well is not getting enough heat or if the temperatures vary, the unit needs to be serviced.


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