Food Wells

Drop-in wells effectively keep food hot and/or cold, depending on the unit.


A Guide to Commercial Kitchen Food Wells

Drop-in wells can effectively keep food hot and/or cold, depending on the unit. An operation’s menu always dictates how many wells it requires. Other factors that determine the necessary number of wells include quantity of food or number of people the operation will serve.

istock 184854154Although this equipment is primarily geared for non-prepackaged foods, drop-in wells can also accommodate packaged items, such as beverages and yogurt.

Standard features with food wells include stainless-steel construction, remote controls and slide-out compressors. NSF guidelines require hot drop-in wells to hold food at 150 degrees F and cold food wells to hold product between 33 degrees F and 40 degrees F to ensure food safety.

Cold wells used in commercial foodservice are required to adhere to NSF 7 guidelines, while drop-in merchandisers need to follow NSF 2 guidelines. In addition, NSF 4 guidelines are geared for hot food well holding.


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