Blast Chillers

Blast chillers drop food temperatures from 160 degrees F to 35 degrees F in 4 hours or quicker.


Service Tips: Blast Chillers

Essentially souped-up freezers, blast chillers are most often used by large institutions like hospitals, which need to produce and store food in high volume. They’re also high-dollar pieces of equipment that need to be well-maintained to work at peak efficiency.

  • The basic maintenance tips for refrigeration applies to blast chillers: Make sure the door seals properly, regularly check the door gasket for damage, and keep the coils clean.
  • Blast chillers have temperature probes that tell operators when food has been cooled to the set temperature. Clean these probes after each use.
  • Because blast chillers run hard, air flow is especially important to their proper function. Make sure vents have the manufacturer’s recommended clearance and keep them clean of dust and debris.
  • Also because they run hard, blast chillers can produce significant amounts of condensation. Check the drain line regularly for clogs
  • Clean the interior and exterior regularly with manufacturer-recommended cleaning products.

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