Buffetware encompasses any serving or display items primarily designated for the front of the house.


Cleaning and Maintaining Serving Lines

Serving lines should not require extensive cleaning if maintained properly during daily operation. Cleaning the hot or cold wells after each use will keep them running effectively. Quarterly or semiannual planned maintenance provides an opportunity to make sure that the equipment is running at peak efficiency.

Daily cleaning is simple and requires a non-caustic cleaner to wipe the interior and exterior of the unit down after each use or shift change. Remove all food debris and ensure baked-on food remains in the well. If there is heavy debris, a light scrubber from the dishroom can thoroughly clean the unit. When the establishment is done for the day, drain all water in the equipment and wipe down the unit. During any cleaning, it is also important to make sure the unit is cooled down, powered off and unplugged, if possible.

Food guard maintenance includes daily wiping down with a food-safe glass cleaner or mild soap and water. Regularly check and tighten brackets when necessary. Readjust tilting food guards when necessary. Regularly check equipment for cracks and scratches that may compromise use. Do not use abrasive cleaners and cleaning pads on this equipment.

The No. 1 item that can assist in maximizing serving line service life is to ensure proper operation. Units that require water to heat the product cannot be run when dry. Periodically checking the water level during usage will keep the pans in good shape and free of burn-through holes, which would require unit replacement. Regularly clean and maintain refrigerated unit condenser coils to ensure that the cooling systems run at peak efficiency.


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