Water Filtration

Water filters provide better-tasting beverages and can prolong the service life of a wide range of equipment types.


Cleaning & Maintaining Water Filtration Systems

Assess water quality to determine what type of filtration an operation needs. Filter life varies from location to location based on use and an operation’s water quality.

Here, Vidal Munoz Jr., service manager at Commercial Kitchen Parts & Service in San Antonio, provides more detail on cleaning and preventative maintenance for these systems.

  • One filtering function of multipurpose filters may be exhausted before another. This could lead to replacing a filter sooner than expected.
  • Change the filter if the system’s pressure gauge shows a drop of more than 30 PSI or the outlet water pressure is less than 30 PSI.
  • Store filter cartridges in cool, dry, ventilated areas and properly dispose of filter cartridges in the trash.
  • Some areas rely on many chemicals to make water usable. A good filter will help contend with this to protect equipment.
  • A good carbon-based filter will remove chlorine before it goes into the unit.
  • One common misconception is that a filter will solve all water-related issues. This is not true; it will slow down corrosion or other water-related challenges and increase the time and intervals between service calls. It is impossible to get everything out of the water by filtering.
  • Servicing needs depend on usage. Most filters need to be checked every three months and replaced every six months. This often gets overlooked.
  • It’s best to write the dates on the filter of both when it was last replaced and when it will need replacing.
  • Filters that have not been replaced regularly can impact equipment performance.


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