Portion Scales

Scales weigh ingredients or portions, supporting production and plating tasks.


Scale Terminology

  • Calibration: setting or correcting the scale
  • Checkweigher: scales used to verify predetermined weight within certain limits
  • Divisions: defines the amount of scale increments
  • Drift: when outside influences, such as ambient temperatures, impact the scale’s performance, the weight number can shift continuously
  • Hysteresis: the maximum difference between load cell output readings for the same applied load
  • Load Cell: creates a signal relative to the weight or force that’s applied. Load cell types are beam, S-beam, platform, compression and tension.
  • Stabilization Period: the time required to ensure that any further change in the parameter being measured is tolerable
  • Tare: resets the displayed weight on the scale back to zero
  • Tolerance: amount of error allowed in a scale’s weight value


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