Staples in cafes, toasters can toast bread, warm sandwiches, heat up pastries and more.


Service Tips: Toasters

Toasters come in two main varieties: pop-up and conveyor, with higher-volume operations using the latter.

  • Only clean toasters when they are unplugged and cool. Though many are small enough to fit in a sink, never place this equipment in water.
  • Empty and clean the crumb tray daily. The buildup of crumbs is unsanitary and can cause a burning smell.
  • Wipe down the unit’s exterior with a damp cloth. Use soap and water to clean tough spots but be careful not to get water on the heating elements.
  • Conveyor toasters need extra cleaning that pop-up units don’t. Clean the toast collector pan daily as well as the conveyor belt.
  • Like all hot equipment, toasters need air to work properly. Regularly clean vents and keep them free of debris.


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