Tilting Skillets

A tilting skillet cooks large batches of food with a braising pan that tilts to easily allow food to be transferred to a container.


Purchasing Considerations for Tilting Skillets & Braising Pans

Operators should first determine their needs and volume prior to choosing a tilting skillet/braising pan for prep use. These versatile units are typically for high-volume use since large batches can be prepared at one time. Operators can use tilting skillets to replace other pieces of equipment, including grills, stoves and steamers.

Operating temperature range and heating accuracy of tilting skillets varies and should be assessed prior to purchasing. Operators should also determine the unit’s temperature distribution or even heating capabilities with regard to the menu items that it will prepare. When sizing the tilting skillet, consider the capacity in gallons or the pan surface area required for these items.

The designated space for this equipment serves as another factor to weigh. This equipment takes up between 36 and 48 inches of space and needs clearance to make cleaning easier. Compare the dimensions to the delivery path to ensure the equipment will easily fit through the kitchen’s doors and hallways.

One common mistake is purchasing a tilting skillet with the wrong pour path. Operators should consider how staff will tilt the unit and its configuration to determine where and how liquids will be dispensed. For kitchens tight on space, skillets with a center-tilt design have a shorter pour path, which consumes less aisle space.

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