Tilting Skillets

A tilting skillet cooks large batches of food with a braising pan that tilts to easily allow food to be transferred to a container.


Service Tips: Tilt Skillets Equipment

Operators can do a lot with tilt skillets: saute, fry, grill, braise and more. Here are a few tips to keep these flexible pieces of cooking equipment running properly.

  • For gas-fired units, operators should keep the burners and vents clear of debris.
  • The tilting function on these units is mechanical, so these parts may need to be lubricated regularly in accordance with the operating manual. If the unit does not raise or lower properly, operators should contact a service agent for repairs.
  • Many tilt skillets can be purchased with a faucet or spray nozzle for cleaning. Clean the cooking chamber after use and be sure to thoroughly rinse the unit out.
  • Don’t turn on a tilt skillet when it’s empty. Doing so may cause the cooking chamber to warp over time.


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