Utilizing steam to cook food retains moisture, nutrients and color. Volume and application dictate equipment selection.


How to Maintain a Commercial Steamer

When a steamer fails, scale and lime deposits are often the culprits. That’s why, from the time of purchase, it’s important for operators to stick to a cleaning schedule.

Steamers’ stainless-steel walls are generally easy to clean. Staff should start by applying a degreasing spray and follow by running the equipment on steam mode to loosen stuck-on particles. Staffers should open the machine’s doors during cooling and scrub the interior only with soft brushes.

Daily tasks include ensuring drain lines remain clear and inspecting gaskets. Replace water filter and cartridges quarterly or biannually, depending on the system, water quality, etc.

During descaling, inspect the steam line tubing and connection points, as well as water lines, for cracks or frays. Inspect electrical components for wear and tear.

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