Steam-Jacketed Kettles

Steam-jacketed kettles utilize steam energy to transfer heat via conduction to the food product inside.


Maintaining a Steam-Jacketed Kettle

Proper cleaning and regular maintenance can help extend a kettle's service life. Here are nine maintenance tips to help foodservice operators get the biggest return on their investments in steam-jacketed kettles.

  • Use non-caustic cleaners when washing and sanitizing these units each day. Refrain from using such items as chloride detergents, steel pads, wire brushes and scrapers.
  • Regularly lubricate the trunion bearing and test the pressure relief valve every six months to ensure proper operation.
  • Promptly replace missing screws in the control cover to ensure water tight seals and reduce the chance of water infiltrating the control box.
  • For kettles with a marine latch, make sure it works properly and is not clogged with starch or other sticky food products.
  • The compound gauge should be checked before use to make sure it is in the "green zone" and not in the "vent air zone".
  • Replenish internal hemi water with distilled water and liqua-phase rust inhibitor or equivalent product when required.
  • Change any steam seals on direct-steam kettles once a year or as required by use.
  • Periodically check for any pitting or stress fissures as well as any possible leakage.
  • Refrain from spraying water directly or indirectly on electrical or gas components during cleaning.

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