Ovens cover a broad range of equipment pieces and include combi, deck, cook and hold, microwave and convection.


How to Keep a Combi Oven Running Smoothly

First and foremost, when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, follow combi manufacturer recommendations. At the very least, rinse this equipment daily and thoroughly clean it once a week following the factory instructions.

Automated cleaning systems not only help reduce labor but also allow operators to manage cleaning chemical usage and costs. There are a variety of options and cleaning levels with combis, and operators can select the level of cleaning necessary. These cleaning options range from a 20-minute quick rinse to heavy-duty cleaning, which could be a 3-hour process with some models.

Operators should only use cleaning chemicals recommended by the equipment manufacturer as some agents can be harmful and damage the oven interior and components. Not using the chemicals recommended by the manufacturer can potentially void the warranty.

Cleaning chemicals for combis can vary significantly. Cleaning tablets are common and dissolve in water and at certain temperatures, resulting in a contained slurry that circulates through the oven. Other models utilize liquid concentrate and sanitizing chemicals that are remotely pumped to the oven.

Most ovens also have a means of decalcifying and preventing limescale buildup in the boiler or steam generator. In the case of boilerless technologies, the oven cavity must be treated.

The average life span of a combi oven is 10 to 15 years, depending on kitchen conditions. Placement in the back of house is a factor in these units’ service life. For example, given these units electronic components it becomes important to allow the proper clearances around the unit to keep them functioning. Another key factor is utilizing unfiltered water, which will cause
damaging lime buildup.

Combi ovens show a number of signs that may signal that the time to replace the unit is near. Safety of the operator should always be front of mind, so if the equipment is deemed unsafe to operate for any reason, the combi oven should be retired.

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