Griddles are heavy-duty countertop cooking equipment that browns, sears or toasts menu items across all dayparts.


Service Tips: Clamshell Grills

Clamshell grills can cut cooking time and labor costs. These units, though, have to be taken care of. Operators must be willing to invest in their cleaning and maintenance to make them last. Here are some tips for keeping clamshells working well:

  • While cleaning is important for every piece of kitchen equipment, it’s especially important for clamshells. If units are not cleaned daily, grease and food debris can work their way into the moving parts, breaking down seals and causing major service issues.
  • The moving parts on clamshells need extra attention. Add them with the manufacturer’s recommended lubricant (often mineral oil) to the hinges regularly.
  • Just like with standard flattops, don’t pour cold water on a hot surface as part of the cleaning process. The temperature shock can cause the surface to warp or even crack.
  • Follow the common-sense guidelines for hot side kitchen equipment: Keep all vents clear, don’t hose down the equipment and empty the grease trays daily.


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