Griddles are heavy-duty countertop cooking equipment that browns, sears or toasts menu items across all dayparts.


Service Tips: Clamshell Grills

Clamshell Grills have long been popular for their quick food production and ease of use. With labor shortages in the foodservice sector, these items are almost certainly growing in importance, as they allow for higher throughput without increasing labor hours.

Clamshells are significant investments, though. Operators should take steps to keep their units working properly.

  • Many of the rules for clamshells are the same as for standard flattops. Scrape the cooking surfaces thoroughly. Follow operator instructions on cleaning supplies and processes, including (usually) the use of non-abrasive cloths and cleaners. Don’t cool hot cooking surfaces with cold water or ice, as this could cause the metal surfaces to warp or crack.
  • Lubricate the opening and closing mechanisms of clamshell arms (called platens) on a regular basis. Though operators should follow the manufacturer’s instructions, this is usually done with just a few drops of mineral oil.
  • Each platen has a corresponding cooking area on the non-moving surface of the clamshell, with a small space between areas. Make sure this is cleaned regularly, as grease and debris can build up in this space.
  • Empty and clean grease troughs at least once a day.
  • Have clamshells calibrated yearly as uneven cooking temperatures can cause extra problems on dual-sided cooking equipment.


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