Coffee Brewers

Commercial coffee brewers are categorized by brew volume or vessel type and include decanter, thermal and shuttle.


Service Tips: Coffee Makers

Coffee makers don’t get as much attention from the foodservice equipment channel as pieces like fryers and flattops. If a restaurant’s coffee maker goes down, though, there are likely to be many upset customers. Here are a few tips to keeping coffee makers running smoothly.

  • Scale and lime buildup is the biggest problem facing coffee makers. Filter the water fed into coffee makers and treat the water to avoid excessive scale. Regularly change the filtration system, with the frequency depending on how hard the operation’s water is.
  • Even if water is properly treated, units will need regular cleaning to remove scale and lime. Many machines have removable spray heads that can be cleaned, and some come with rods or springs that can be inserted into the spray head to break up any deposits that have built up.
  • To descale and delime the water reservoir, some manufacturers recommend a simple solution of lemon juice and water. Refer to your owners manual for these instructions.
  • To clean the exterior of a coffee maker, use a damp cloth and a nonabrasive cleaner. Abrasive materials or cleaners can scuff the unit’s surface.


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