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September 17, 2015

Restaurant Catering 101: First Steps for Foodservice Designers

Catering sales at restaurants are way up, according to a just-released study by Technomic. Sales for both consumer social and business catering — meaning drop-off catering platters at office buildings and other business-related locations — has increased 20 percent to a whopping $52.3 billion since 2012.

Taco Bell Makes a Run for Urban Markets

Quick-serve restaurant chain Taco Bell will introduce a new Cantina-style prototype in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood on Sept. 22, 2015. A second location will open in San Francisco later this month. Taco Bell Cantina restaurants will be the first and only Taco Bell restaurants to serve alcohol.


Style Sells

Micromatic beer dispensing systems

Designer towers from an industry leader in the manufacture of draft beer dispensing systems. We provide integrated solutions; we understand the importance of reliable dispensing and how it impacts draft beer quality, customer satisfaction, and the bottom line. Micro-Matic Logo

Maximizing Rebates When Purchasing Foodservice Equipment

Rebates for energy-saving commercial foodservice equipment can be an incredible resource. This becomes especially relevant when the cost of this equipment teeters on the high range and operators continue to look for ways to prove ROI. Offered by the EPA's Energy Star program as well as utility companies around the country, rebates can save foodservice operators up to thousands of dollars on equipment. For some operators, a $500 rebate can mean the difference between buying or not buying a specific piece of foodservice equipment.

Facility Design Project of the Month: Beer Hall, Beer Garden, Brewer's Table and Scheid Hall at Surly Brewery MSP in Minneapolis–St. Paul

Four venues and a central kitchen supporting casual and fine dining marry efficiency with design detail to bring a memorable experience to guests visiting this Minneapolis–St. Paul destination brewery.


Master-Bilt Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

Master-Bilt: Blast away with Master-Chill (tm)
  • Bilt2Spec™ custom can be designed to fit virtually any size or shape
  • Quick Ship and 10-Bilt™ models provide quicker solutions with matching refrigeration systems
  • A wide variety of options including our Master Controller electronic controller system
Master-Bilt Logo

Cashing in on the Container Craze

Innovative restaurant operators continue to collaborate with creative designers to develop restaurants out of shipping containers. The results are smaller, focused concepts that often can go where other brick and mortar locations can't.

Argosy Foodservice: The ultimate soft serve machine. The first machine to gige the operator full control over taste and texture. Made in the USA.
Unified Brands: Groen Vortex 100 Connectionless Steamer. Plug, pour and cook.
Glastender: When there's no place to go but up. If you need more refrigerated storage, but you are running out of space, think up. Glastender's wall mount food service refrigerator allows you to conveniently locate refrigerated storage just where you need it.
Insinkerator:Put pests out of business. Get the full story.

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