Banquet and Catering

First Place: Le Jardin at Cantigny Park, Wheaton, Ill.

POULTRY-JARDINSpecifying Team: Mike Machay, Food and Beverage Director, Le Jardin; Melissa Margarite, Director of Business Development, Hode Group; Jeff Matual, Sales Representative, Edward Don & Company; Mike Nass, General Manager, Le Jardin

China: Bauscher (Purity)

Glassware: Cardinal (Excalibur)

Flatware: Oneida (Scroll)

Accessories: Bauscher, Imco, Vollrath

Why it Won: This tabletop really captures the elegance necessary to host high-end events.

Honorable Mention: EVENTS at  City Flat’s Hotel, Grand Rapids, Mich.

City-Flats-EventsSpecifying Team: Greg Fedurek, Territory Manager, Zink Foodservice; Quentin Gort, Marketing Associate, Sysco Grand Rapids; Katie Vogelheim, Ballroom Manager, EVENTS

China: Oneida (Circa)

Glassware: Stolzle (Celebration Stemware)

Flatware: Oneida (Sestina)

Worth Mentioning: This timeless yet beautiful tabletop can adapt to elegantly serve a variety of events.

Photos courtesy of Ashley Avila, Ashley Avila Photography, Grand Rapids, Mich.