Independent Restaurant with a Check Average of Less Than $30 Per Person

First Place: Temazcal Tequila Cantina, Lynnfield, Mass.

Temazcal-Full-TableSpecifying Team: David Doyle, Director of Operations, Temazcal; Kathleen Kaiser, Dealer Sales Rep, Boston Showcase Company; David Lovett, General Manager, Temazcal; Sean McDonald, Corporate Executive Chef,Temazcal; Mynor Salguero, Executive Chef, Temazcal

China: Oneida, Steelite (Craft, Nouveau, Terramesa)

Glassware: Libbey, Oneida and Orion Trading

Flatware: Cardinal and World Tableware

Accessories: Bon Chef, Chef Specialties, Lodge, Tomlinson

Why it Won: This well-coordinated tabletop makes good use of its china, glassware and even the table runner and butcher paper.

Photos by Jesse Starr Photography

First Place: Via Lima Peruvian Restaurant, Chicago

VIA-LIMA-tabletopSpecifying Team: Jill Braker, Sales Representative, Page and Semero; Erin Cadena, Owner, Via Lima; Larry Page, Sales Representative, Page and Semero; Ray Kestler, Sales Representative, Edward Don & Company; Suzanne Parrot, General Manager, Via Lima

China: Steelite (Craft)

Glassware: Steelite (Aura and Electra)

Flatware: Steelite (Silhouette)

Why it Won: This tabletop leverages its china to create excellent food presentations befitting of the type of cuisine and service style.

Honorable Mention: Papa Razzi Metro, Burlington, Mass.

papa-razzi-tabletopSpecifying Team: Aleksander Bakhrakh, General Manager, Papa Razzi Metro; Corey Barriera, Director of Operations, Papa Razzi Metro; Kevin DiLibero, Culinary Arts Director, Papa Razzi Metro; Kathleen Kaiser, Dealer Sales Rep, Boston Showcase Company; Matthew Petersen, Corporate Pastry Chef, Papa Razzi Metro; Eberson Soares, Chef, Papa Razzi Metro

China: Front of the House, Revol, Steelite

Glassware: Hospitality Glass, Libbey Glass, Oneida

Flatware: Oneida

Accessories: Abert, Alessi, American Metalcraft, Candle Lamp Co., Fletcher's Mill, Hollowick, Lodge

Worth Mentioning: This tabletop is absolutely spot-on and features many unexpected items.

Photos by Jesse Starr Photography

Honorable Mention: Stogie’s Cigar and Sports Lounge, Fife, Wash.

stogiesSpecifying Team: Tracy Daniels, Assistant General Manager, Stogie's; Vicki Heckman, General Manager, Stogie's; and Jake Pardo, Territory Sales Consultant, Bargreen Ellingson

China: Churchill (Orbit)

Glassware: Cardinal

Flatware: Delco (Montana), Oneida (Lonsdale)

Accessories: World Tableware Porcelana Soup Bowl

Worth Mentioning: This newly opened cigar and sports lounge offers a full-service menu presented on a flexible and elegant tabletop installation.