Banquet and Catering

FIRST PLACE: Michael D. Bloch, Executive Dining Suite

1502tabletop1Michael D. Bloch, Executive Dining Suite; photographs courtesy of Brenda Frezeman, Singer Equipment Co.1502tabletop2Michael D. Bloch, Executive Dining Suite1502tabletop3Michael D. Bloch, Executive Dining Suite

Specifying Team: Renee Bean, senior executive chef, Michael D. Bloch Executive Dining Suite at The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute; Doug Binzel, sales manager, The Wasserstrom Company; Kathleine Cole, project coordinator at The Ohio State University; John Moorman, sales representative, Steelite International; Joan Payne, dealer sales rep, The Wasserstrom Company; and John Schroeder, vice president of sales and marketing Hotel and Restaurant Division, Villeroy & Boch USA, Inc.

Dinnerware: Steelite (Antoinette and Vogue )

Glassware: Villeroy and Boch (La Davina and Entree)

Flatware: Steelite (La Tavola, Aida with satin finish)

Accessories: Sterno Candle Lamp, Front of the House, Villeroy & Boch

Why it Won: This installation provides the contemporary elegance of fine dining at an upscale banquet facility. All of the items tell something about the facility and collectively work together to create a tabletop that’s beautiful and spectacular.