FIRST PLACE TIE: Allegria Resort, Long Beach, N.Y.

1502tabletop14Allegria Resort

Specifying Team: Steve Faerstein, food and beverage director, Allegria Resort; Bob Mendelson, general manager, BarBoy Products; and Erik Weiss, owner, Gotham City Hospitality

Dinnerware: Cardinal (Arcoroc – Zenix)

Glassware: Cardinal (Arcoroc – Excalibur)

Flatware: Cardinal (Chef and Sommelier Ezzo)

Why it Won: Our judges feel this tabletop has real character and looks like a shining example of a true vacation destination that combines the elegance and relaxation of the beach.



FIRST PLACE TIE: Woodforest Golf Club, Montgomery, Texas

1502tabletop9Woodforest Golf Club1502tabletop10Woodforest Golf Club
Specifying Team:
Jeremy Eaton, executive chef, Woodforest Golf Club; Rob Jacobs, dealer sales rep, Edward Don & Co.; and Mark Sass, principal, Preferred Source

Dinnerware: Steelite (Freestyle, Monaco and Taste)

Glassware: Libbey (Wine Lover’s and Moscow Mule) and Steelite (Manon and Rona)

Flatware: Steelite (Baguette)

Accessories: Front of the House and Olde Thompson

Why it Won: This tabletop suits the type of food the club serves by incorporating durable multiple shaped items to generate some visual excitement about the food. Each item matches perfectly and if you play golf this is exactly the type of tabletop you want at the end of your round.