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Energy Efficiency and Beverage Dispensers

Beverage dispensers do not have high energy quotients, yet there has been an increased focus on developing units with lower energy consumption.

Today's units utilize greener refrigerants, such as CO2, which are friendlier to the environment.

In the last seven years, the majority of beverage dispenser manufacturers replaced HFC insulation with a water-blown variety, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and is less damaging to the environment.

There is now a broad range of units that do not utilize cold plates that are reliant on ice. These dispensers use an ice bank system that is depleted only when the dispenser is in use. With these systems, water and syrup are recirculated from the back room to the point of dispense.

Newer controllers and technology enable key beverage dispenser components to be turned on and off according to the unit's usage patterns, which helps conserve energy.

There is now equipment available that has environmentally friendly LED lighting in the merchandising signage area.